Anne Wilby

Contemporary Teacher / Physiotherapist

Anne began dance like many, from a young age at her local dancing school in South-end-on-Sea in the UK. Her mentor, Angela Allport,  saw her through exams and competitions up to the age of 18, where she won awards for choreography, ballet and tap through the Imperial Society of Dance.

Anne went on to attend Masters Performing Arts College for a 3 year vocational diploma, where she obtained teaching certificates with Honours. She was then offered a scholarship position at the London Contemporary Dance School under the directorship of Richard Alston and upon graduation was invited work with the Siobhan Davies Dance Company. She worked for Oblique Dance Company and Jazz Exchange and formed her own small company in 2005 called Company 44. They toured with an education program in Southeast England before performing at the Resolution! season at The Place, London.

Due to injury, Anne took on more teaching and choreography work, before retraining as a physiotherapist here in Australia. She graduated from Griffith in 2010 with a dual degree in Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, and went on to take further professional development in Pilates methods such as Stott, APPI and DMA.

She has settled with her family in Brisbane and works out of a private physiotherapy clinic called Excell, managing musculoskeletal and sports related injuries. She also has experience in treating Women’s Health, assisting in the postnatal phase to help ladies return safely to exercise.

Anne is also a sessional contractor for QUT, teaching Pilates to the students of the BFA in dance. She feels that her main purpose is in preventing dance injuries and she enjoys overlapping her experience of professional dance and Pilates with the knowledge clinical practice. Her contemporary teaching style is a fusion of Cunningham, Bartenieff and neurodynamics. She believe that dance plays an enormous part in health and wellbeing, and that it should be a safe, challenging way for people to have fun, be fit and express themselves.