Christine Rice

Costume Department / CAPA Dance Shop

Christine Rice has been a part of CAPA from its beginning. As a new mum to the world of dance she began volunteering and assisting with various tasks around the studio. Adding to her previous experience in retail, Christine was able to grow to became a permanent face to CAPA parents with her management of the dance store, assisting with costuming and administration.

During her time with CAPA she has also been involved with our performance troupe with costumes and supporting them with their performances. She has had the privilege of travelling and assisting backstage with costuming at Eisteddfods, Showcases, Lord Mayor Carols as well as trips to Disneyland LA, Walt Disney World Florida and New York with the CAPA Performance Troupe.


Christine has enjoyed every year she has been with CAPA both as a dance mum supporting and volunteering and as a staff member seeing as many students as possible grow and excel in themselves.