CSTD Dip. Modern Jazz Kei Ishii


Kei Ishii started dancing at The Ritz at the age of 7yrs. In his teens, he was selected for the Qld Ballet’s JEP (Junior Extension Program) which he participated in for 2 years, and the Qld Dance School of Excellence which he attended for Years 10 & 11 in his schooling. He then went on to do full-time training and graduate from The Space Performing Arts in Melbourne, in 2010. Kei then went on to take a place at the world-renowned Ev & Bow Full-time Contemporary Dance course in Sydney where he trained with Sarah Boulter in 2011 & 2012. While there, he was offered a secondment with the Internationally famed ADT (Australian Dance Theatre) in Adelaide. Kei was also a member of Legs on the Wall Contemporary Dance Troupe and performed in their production of “Puncture” at the Sydney Festival in 2014.Kei has his CSTD teaching diploma in Jazz and also manages his own Contemporary Dance Project.