Ready Set Dance

CAPA is the official location of Australia’s leading preschool dance program ‘READY SET DANCE’ in Mount Gravatt. This 1 hour, multi award winning preschool program promotes the 3 C’s Confidence, Coordination and Creativity – allowing children to dance, sing and express themselves while most importantly… having FUN!

READY SET DANCE is the perfect way to start developing the COORDINATION skills that are the basics of dance classes. The JAZZ component of the class teaches pre-schoolers important developmental milestones like skipping, cross co-ordination and sequencing.

At READY SET DANCE, we love to bust out HIP HOP moves. We learn how to ‘Ice Cream Freeze’ and do the ‘Hip Hop Italiano’ that pre-schoolers absolutely love learning. Our MUSIC section has a strong emphasis on counting and exploring rhythm. We love to work as a team, using musical instruments and parachutes to have fun learning music.

Each lesson involves SINGING time on the microphone, increasing our CONFIDENCE. Our little divas and rock stars just love to take their turn on their microphone! It’s very rewarding to see some of our shy students gradually gain confidence and sing individually on the microphone and introduce themselves to the class.

We use our beautiful ribbons to build our CREATIVITY, giving each little dancer an opportunity to explore movement in a fun, free and encouraging way. We know that the secret to learning TAP is to start early It’s just like learning a language. That’s why it’s an important ingredient in our class. Our songs like the ‘Heel-Toe Hoedown, ‘Jungle Bug Squish’ and the ‘Penguin Parade’ are fun exercises that teach us how to use our heels, toes and how to shuffle. All of these ingredients together create a super hour of fun!

Ready Set Dance Timetable 2020