‘Art doesn’t give rise to anything in us that isn’t already there. It simply stirs our curious consciousness and sparks a fire that illuminates who we have always wanted to be.’
Quote by Kamand Kojouri

CAPA Defined

CAPA is a dedicated performing arts academy that inspires and encourages integrity, teamwork, confidence, self-expression, and personification in performing arts students and empowers them to become a powerful generation of artists while unleashing their true potential in performing arts and dance. CAPA encourages a supportive and friendly atmosphere that all students can enjoy while receiving quality and professional training for all ages and abilities. If someone is looking to pursue his or her passion for dancing, singing, drama, and arts, then CAPA is the studio that transcends it all.

State-of-the-Art Studio

At CAPA, you will not only experience the best practices in performing arts coaching, but you will enter a studio that helps you align your abilities correctly and help you evolve as a performer. Whether you are an actor, a dancer, or a singer – our studio has all the things you need. With professional faculty always there to help out and assist, truly dedicated to bringing out the best in every student, CAPA is truly one of a kind performing arts studio.

We continually provide ongoing training to our skilled staff to ensure that all students and parents get the best value and the best experience at CAPA. Here are some of the highlights of our performing arts studio;

  • All of our dance “studios” are equipped with mirrors, professional suspended sprung floors and Tarkett for the safety of our students
  • In addition to viewing windows and seating, our studio also features cameras that broadcast the classes live into our waiting area onto sizeable flat screen TVs.
  • Whenever a class is in session, there is always a friendly, helpful staff member at the front desk to assist you.

The Goal of the Studio

We take pride in welcoming you into our modern and well-equipped performing arts studio and look forward to supporting you on your artistic journey.

CAPA being a dedicated and state-of-the-art performing arts studio is dedicated to delivering high-quality teaching with qualified and professional teachers in all classes; while being committed to the highest degree of excellence and integrity and maintaining uncompromising principles as the academy grows and prospers. The studio and its experienced coaches and mentors are always providing new learning experiences for the young talent from tiny tots to adolescents.

The studio provides a safe, and interactive environment for performing arts students inclusive of drama, dancing, and singing. You, as a parent or a student, can expect a supportive and friendly atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and be a part of while receiving quality and professional training for all ages and abilities. The studio also offers the opportunity for adults to unleash their creativity in personalized adult dance classes.

Here for the Young Talent

At CAPA you as a parent or guardian can be confident your child is learning and progressing in their classes under the direction of experienced teachers that have reputable qualifications from internationally recognized certifications. We offer over 100 classes per week facilitated by many highly qualified, experienced and caring coaches and mentors, so each student receives a high standard of individual attention and is given the best chance to develop their skills to the fullest. We at CAPA are here to promote the young talent and help them achieve wonders in performing arts.

Perform on the Big Stage

CAPA students and trainers are regularly offered the opportunities to perform in local & national, international competitions and productions. We are a faculty with drive, dedication, and passion help to bring out the very best in our students and help them become international artists. We are incredibly proud of all our students and our performers.With many of our students having opportunities to work in the entertainment industry, giving them invaluable experience performing while gaining confidence, positive self-esteem, persistence, self-discipline and team work.