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“The time to sing is when your emotional level is just to high to speak anymore, and the time to dance is when your emotions are just too strong to only sing about how you feel” Bob Fosse

Merging basic jazz technique with current trends, this popular and fun genre constantly evolves as it embodies the popular music of the time.

Creative Academy of Performing Arts offers annual Jazz examinations using the CSTD syllabus.

This complete training system has been developed in association with Australias leading choreographers.

Developing strength, rhythm, coordination and flexibility with jazz technique.

From Level 3 upwards, students are required to take a minimum of 2 jazz classes per week (1 open + 1 syllabus) as well as a classical class. Stretch classes are also highly recommended.


4:00-5:00 Intermediate/
4:15-5:00 Jazz Level 8
5:00-6:00 Intermediate
6:00-6:45 Jazz Level 3
6:00-7:00 Advanced/Open
3:45-4:30 Jazz Junior
Jazz Level 2
4:30-5:15 Jazz Level 1
4:30-5:15 Jazz Pre Junior
6:30-7:30 Foundation Jazz
7:15-8:00 Adult Jazz
4:00-4:45 Jazz Level 4
Jazz Level 5
5:00-5:45 Jazz Level 6
4:15-5:00 Jazz Level 9
8:30-9:15 Jazz Junior
9:15-10:00 Jazz Pre Junior
10:45-11:30 Jazz Level 1
11:15-12:00 Jazz Level 2